Happy 25th Birthday to the World Wide Web! According to Chase's Calendar of Events, August 1990 heralded the birth of the World Wide Web when Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau of CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Switzerland) first suggested the idea. By October they had a prototype web browser. Within a few months they introduced Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the concept of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Twenty-five years later, the World Wide Web is not only an academic success but also a commercial one. Thanks to the Web, small businesses have the ability to compete with big companies if they have the training and knowledge they need to conduct business online.

This is where the Internet Business Literacy Project can help. Through Tooliedotter Press, the sponsoring company (and its products), entrepreneurs and small businesses can find the basic training they need to successfully operate over the Internet. We teach classes and webinars in HTML and related technologies, Internet Marketing, and best practices for online success, including copywriting, marketing principles, and CAN-SPAM compliance.

We're marking the 25th Birthday of the World Wide Web by encouraging small business owners to seek training on how to take advantage of the opportunities that online marketing offers, especially to protect against the vagaries of the economy. By adding or increasing their online marketing presence, entrepreneurs and small business owners have a chance to reach customers outside their immediate geographic area, and to deliver goods and services over the Internet.

We invite individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to learn more about Internet Marketing. Explore the pages of this website, including our free resources, training products, and our press materials. We're available to the media for questions, interviews, and followup dialog.

If you have questions or would like to help, contact us through this website.